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Vicki Demirdjian

Thank you for visiting Flowsica, I am an Abstract Artist who is influenced by the world around me.  I use acrylic paints, Inks  and oils to create unique one off pieces that open our imaginations.

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Flowsica Journey

Flowsica is a play on words, the Flow was my paternal Grandmother whom I unfortunately never met, but I am told I look like and Sica is from my maternal Grandmother whom I very much met and loved and admired dearly.  My Grandmother started painting at the age of fifty, and it looks like I am following in this great woman's footsteps. 

I paint from my heart, I am truly humbled and eternally grateful for each piece of artwork I sell, it is a privilege to be a part of someone's art collection journey.  

I sold my first piece at Spitalfields Arts Market, and this is where you will find me, it has to be one of my favourite places in the whole world.

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